Virus Disinfection Card


The chlorine dioxide compound removes bacteria that are floating in the air around you.

It comes in the form of a card with a neck strap for easy carrying, perfect for going out, on commuting, crowded places.

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Product Description


    Air Disinfect

Eliminate planktonic bacteria, influenza, and other viruses, reducing the chance of being infected or infecting others.

    Proven Effective

Experimentally proven to effectively block airborne particles and bacteria, as well as various epidemic viruses.

    Necklace Design

It comes with a neckband and made perfect for carrying around crowded places.

    Long Term Usage

Each piece will last approximately 30 days after opening, eco-friendly and cost-effective.


Suitable for everyone, especially children /pregnant women /elderly /long-term access to hospitals and clinics with more bacteria.


Size: 12.6*20.8cm

Expiration Date: 30 days after opening


1x Virus Disinfection Card

1x Neckband



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