Vibrating Rose Quartz Facial Massager


Got too puffy and annoying dark circles on your eyes?
Time to pamper and refresh your eyes with our Rose Quartz Facial Massager! A massager that is designed to help reduce puffiness, dark circles, and minor inflammation in the eye area. Rejuvenates, tone and de-puff tired-looking eyes and absorb nature mineral substance while enjoying high-frequency vibration massage time.
Simply put this device on skin, and you can feel its vibration clearly with its high-frequency vibration can relax muscles, release aching. The under-eye press massager helps reduce puffy eyes and dark circles. You also can keep it on acupoint for a while and then lightly rub the occupant. In addition, these massage tools can also help you facelift and tight skin.
Designed with the same natural properties of genuine rose quartz that is perfectly combined with the beautifying power of vibrating massage. Keep using it every day, your skin would be becoming smoother and smoother. It has an obvious effect on anti-wrinkle and anti-aging.

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Product Description

REJUVENATES AND REFRESH – Improve the appearance of your skin as it helps to relieve facial muscle tension, reduce wrinkles, reduce eye puffiness, increase serum and moisturizer penetration, and much more.
GH FREQUENCY VIBRATIONS: It can get 6000 Vibrations/Min. You just put this device on your skin, and you can feel its vibration clearly. High-frequency vibration can relax the muscle, release aching.
UNDER EYE PRESS – the Under Eye Press will help to relieve those symptoms. Since 100% Natural Rose Quartz stays cooler than Jade, this Under Eye Press will be more effective against puffiness and inflammation. For even better results, try putting it in the fridge for an hour before use.
HYPER-INFUSION TECHNOLOGY – Penetrates skincare active ingredients into the deepest layers of your skin and locks in moisture within 90 seconds
EASY TO USE – Requires battery. This face massager can be used to massage the face, the skin around the eyes, and the neck. You can massage yourself anywhere, at home, in the office, in the car, etc.
INNOVATIVE FACIAL MASSAGER: Your skin can not only absorb nature mineral substance but also enjoy high-frequency vibration massage time.
Material: Rose Quartz and Metal
1x Rose Quartz Facial Massager






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