Travel Supplies Portable Sub-Bottle

Made of durable and long lasting material.
Small and portable, suitable for business trips, travel, camping, etc.
With mechanical design, feel comfortable. Glossy, compact and portable. Do not occupy land and reduce the weight of the baggage.
Toothpaste toothbrush, spiral brush wire, can deeply contact the teeth, easier to clean the teeth, fresh breath. 100% bamboo fiber towel, strong water absorption, not easy to produce odor. Foldable coarse-toothed comb, round and thick, with a gentle touch.
Multi-functional wash cup, separated design, sub-bottle capacity of 50 ml, can be carried on the aircraft with a specified capacity of less than 100 ml. And it has a leak-proof snap, dry and wet separation, will not stain the luggage. The bottling is transparent and can be used to separate what is in the bottle.

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Product Description


Color: Gray; Blue; Purple; Orange
Material: PC+ABS+PP
Size: 2.8*2.5*8.1Inch
Simple Type: Mouth cup *2
Standard Type: Mouth cup *2; bottled *2; comb *1; towel *1
Luxury Type: mouthwash cup *2; bottled *2; comb *1; towel *1; toothbrush *1; toothpaste *1

Package Include:

1pcs x Travel Supplies Portable Sub-Bottle

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