Thick Nail Trimmer


Are you having a hard time cutting those thick nails without chipping it off?

Cut through those thick nails using this amazing and durable Thick Nail Trimmer!
It has a jaw opening up to 15mm that is perfect for thick or ingrown toenails due to diabetes, fungus, aging, paronychia, and other health concerns!
Made of stainless steel that won’t corrode or rust around the cutting joint even when placed in the bathroom with high humid air!
It’s a must-have nail clipper for every home!
Go for a strong Thick Nail Trimmer that won’t tear your nails during the process!
Reinforced Handle For Extra Strength!
Built with reinforced handle for extra strength!

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Product Description

Product Specifications:

Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Silver, Black
Size: 88mm x 20mm
Weight: 47g
Package Includes: 1 x Thick Nail Trimmer

It’s made of premium quality stainless steel so you can conveniently cut your nails with ease!
Get the convenience that you need to clip those thick without hurting your fingers with this remarkable Thick Nail Trimmer!
Extra Wide Jaw Curved Blades For Thick Nails!
Designed with extra-wide jaw curved blades for thick nails!
With its mini size and portable structure that is easy to carry around for travel use!
Simply open up the container using its ergonomic pullable hatch and quickly dispense your clipped nails with ease!
Offers precise clipping with its very sharp and curved blades that cut flawlessly and prevets nail chipping!
It’s everything you’ll ever want for a nail clipper!



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