Infinite Dodecahedron Color Art Light

Infinite Dodecahedron uses the unique properties of light to give the viewer the feeling of staring into an endless abyss of geometry and color.

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Product Description

✨Housed in a 12-sided frame, bespoke 2-way glass mirrors, and custom-printed circuit boards at maximum density for a total of 960 LEDs, displaying dozens of custom-written lighting modes and animations.
🤩Infinite Dodecahedron Color Art Light is fully controllable via the included wireless controller and lighting is updated in real-time, with future updates expanding the capabilities of your device with additional lighting modes and integrations.
🤩We have used this at festivals for yoga tents, mood lighting as a backdrop for musicians, sacred spaces to meditate, and in our 6meter bell tent which looked wonderful.
If you have a large home with large spaces then this would be the one for you.
Geometry: Dodecahedron
Frame: Metal
Size: 20*20*20 cm
Mirror: Acrylic


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