The Hover Ball – 6INCH


Play Fun Sports at Home!
Inspired by our new air-cushion technology, your new HoverBall is the best time killer to be played on any smooth surfaces.

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Product Description

Transform your home into your own indoor gym for those bad weather days or when you just feel like staying in and getting a killer workout wherever you are.
Your walls and furniture stay safe with our durable foam bumper so you can enjoy getting the whole family involved in fun family soccer games or get creative with new games of your own!
The overall is perfect to be used with goals, bowling pins, or even Jenga!
Features Keep Kids Active Indoors: A new way for kids to have fun at home.
Stay active during time spent indoors, and unleash your kid’s fun with The overall.
Kick it around the house for great laughs and exercise.
With 2 goals, you can start a fun soccer game with your kids inside the house. The overall glide across the floors smoothly with lights flashing.
A cool new toy that will catch your kids’ eyes and keep them entertained for hours.
Colorful LED Lights: The HoverBall features beautiful multi-color LED lights, which greatly help to attract your kid’s attention and also become even more fun to play at night.
Powerful Built-in Motor: The HoverBall equips itself with a powerful built-in motor to power the fan and create a smooth glide with every kick.
Rechargeable Battery: We also offer a rechargeable version, which is powered by a lithium-ion battery for extra convenience.
Our original version uses 3x AA batteries (not included).
Soft Padded Bumper: The overall has a super soft foam bumper that protects your furniture and walls from bumps, bangs, scratches or marks and conversely, creates a good rebounds for hours of fun.



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