Talking Hamster Plush Toy – New Christmas Edition


Tired of boring stuffed animals that nobody plays with anyway? Then this hamster toy is exactly the right thing for you! He repeats everything you say and dances while doing it! No matter if you laugh, sing, and no matter what language you speak, he imitates you and shakes you. Great fun for your kids and your pet will love it too!

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Product Description

✅ Imitates Every Sound
✅ Records up to 8 Seconds
✅ Battery Powered (Batteries Not Included)
✅ Child & Animal Friendly
✅ Safe & Easy to Use
✅ Environmentally Friendly
✅ 30 Day Guarantee
What makes this toy so unique is its voice repeat up to 8 seconds and its automatic shaking function. The adorable hamster will send every noise, voice, or song back to you with a funny high-pitched voice and dance happily. The furry friend makes everyone laugh and is a must-have toy for children, babies, and also pets.
Don’t worry about your kids! The hamster is made of high quality, soft cotton plush and feels very comfortable and soft on the skin. So children can not only play with him but also cuddle! The stuffed animal has a practical size and is great to take with you when traveling.
Step 1. Open the battery cover with a screwdriver.
Step 2. Insert 3 AAA batteries into the battery compartment and close the cover again.
Step 3. Switch the hamster on with the on/off button.
Step 4. Now make a sound or say something.
Step 5. The cute talking hamster will shake and imitate your voice. Have fun!



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