Tail Light Repair Film


Why spend time and money on car lens replacements when you can fix it yourself with this Tail Light Repair Film! It is designed to repair damage to your car’s light lenses by just cutting and pasting.
This high-quality flexible film can easily mount on curved or flat lenses and is self-adhesive. It’s durable and easy to install. Its pre-formed grid patterns are similar to the color and reflective qualities of the car lens. No more worries while on the road!

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Product Description

Quick car lens fix – Repairs cracks on your car’s tail lights, turn signals, markers, and clear lenses within minutes. Saves you money and time.
Self-adhesive – Easy to install. Just cut the film to the desired size with scissors, remove the backing, and paste it on the lens.
Flexible – Mounts easily and quickly on flat or curved surfaces with a special adhesive gasket forming a weather-proof seal.
Grid pattern design – Repair panels have a pre-formed grid pattern that closely matches the color and reflective qualities of the lens.
High-quality materials – Made with premium film that helps block rain, snow, dust, and dirt, protecting electronic components.
3 color choices – available in red, clear, and amber colors to match the texture and color of existing lenses.





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