Stainless Steel Dish Holding Clamp


No more grabbing a hot dish with your bare hands! Hold your dishes however fits you! This smart dish holder is here to secure your hot, steamy dishes straight out the oven in two directions depending on your needs!

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Product Description

Whether it’s hot coffee, freshly baked
buns, or just a hot soup, this clamp’s
got you all covered! This clamp
can keep your plates, bowls, cups,
and even larger baking trays
steadily hold and safely secured
to your dining table!
Trying to get your crème brûlée out
of the boiling pot? No problemo!
The flexible and steady holder
clamp makes it effortless and safe
to retrieve your dish even in a narrow space!
Designed with an ergonomic handle and a slip-proof silicone gripping pad, this holding clamp is here to keep your dishes in place during transferring!
Dimensions: 4* 2.5* 17.5cm
Materials: 201 Stainless Steel, Silicone
Color Options: Green, Red, Orange, Blue



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