STA Metallic Markers – 10 Vibrant Colors

Add elegance to both light and dark papers. These pens will give your scrapbooks and crafts a hand-painted sheen without the offensive odor and mess of paint markers. They are specially formulated with ink that dries with the perfect amount of shimmer.

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Product Description

Product description:

Color:10 Marker Pens
Metallic Marker Pens -10 Assorted Colors
Package Include:
10 x Metallic Color Pens
Product Description:
Length: 6.3″
Width: 3.4″
Tip: 1mm

Premium quality water-based ink,Environmental and non-toxic
Suit for non-transparent/dark color paper

– Water-based ink allows for using on surface from paper, glass, plastic, pottery to wood
– Can be easily removed from glass, plastic, pottery by wet tissue/cloth
In order to get the best use feeling,keep the pen horizontal
– For optimal performance please ensure the marker caps are secure when they are not in use
– Please do not pull the cap directly and roughly, since the different air pressure inside and outside the caps may lead the ink to leak out
– After use, please lid the pen cap because it is easy to dry
– When you use the white color(can NOT be used on the white paper), you need wait for about 10s then the color will be displayed


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