Snuffle Dog Ball


The Snuffle Ball is the first of its kind – totally reinventing the traditional dog toy. It uses smell to stimulate your dog’s brain as they scan each nook & cranny to track down hidden biscuits.

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Product Description

This mental stimulation causes brain activity similar to learning a new trick. Over time this raises their IQ & decreases their fear of the world around them.
This special fabric ball is
a puzzle game used to
stimulate your dog’s brain.
✓ Leaps ahead of traditional toys
✓ The secret to calming an energetic dog
✓ Brain games burn energy faster than physical exercise
✓ Keep your dog entertained for hours
✓ Reduce bad behaviors & separation anxiety
Machine Washable
Just toss it into the washing machine! Made from strong felt fabric it is easily cleaned.
Easy to Use
Simply place biscuits deep in the fabric folds. The material will bury them inside the ball





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