Skin Reborn Cooling Mask


Achieve poreless and flawless skin like a miracle!
Effectively remove dirt and other impurities in your skin with this Skin Reborn Cooling Mask. Cleanse the pores to reveal smooth baby-like skin.
Quickly clears skin with a smooth and exfoliating effect to achieve young and glowing skin. The anti-aging power works deep within the pores to free the skin from pesky impurities.
Instantly cleanses the skin like magic. See the miracle happen right before your eyes. Use every day to achieve young and even skin tone like never before.

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Product Description

Tighten Pores
The exfoliation power of our cooling mask gently minimizes pores and removes dead skin cells from the surface of your skin resulting in brighter and flawless skin.
Moisturizes Skin
This cooling mask nourishes and hydrates skin deep within the pores for a youthful glow for 24 hours.
Repairs Damaged Skin
The active ingredients in our cooling mask treat the skin to eliminate acne marks, dry & flaky skin, enlarged pores, whiteheads, and uneven skin tone.
The antioxidants combat failing skin enzymes that cause fine lines, dull and dry skin, and excess oil production to achieve a young and fresher face.
Works on ALL Skin
This cooling mask is safe to use for all skin types. Highly recommended by dermatologists with no side effects.
Net Content: 4 ml per mask
1 Box Skin Reborn Cooling Mask (20 masks)



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