Sidekick Sleeper

A Good Night’s Sleep Just Got Easier with the Ampe Sleep Buddy Pillow!

Do you want the best sleep of your life?

Developed by a doctor to give you support, it helps promote proper alignment of your head, neck and spine, correcting your posture while you sleep. It also helps keep airways aligned and unrestricted to alleviate snoring.

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Product Description


Correctly positions your head and neck so you will sleep properly and wake up refreshed.

Improves your sleep posture to help you get a great night sleep.

Specially designed ear well for added comfort, relieves pressure on the neck

The amazing sleeping buddy pillow helps correct your sleep posture

filing material is 100% polyester fibers.

Super soft and comfortable jersey cover , Zippered Removable and Machine Washable; Inner Cover: 100% Polyester, Durable and Breathable; Filling: 100% Polyester Hollow Fiber; giving you the sweetest sleep
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