Shoe Whitening Gel

Once the stains and yellow appear on the shoes, she will make them look old, ugly, and dirty.
Our “Shoe Whitening Gel” is a high-quality product that removes dirt and yellowing from your shoes, and also effectively maintains the bright white effect!

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Product Description

White restoration by chemical reaction!
Unlike other products, our Whitening Gel removes yellow dirt through a chemical reaction, essentially restoring its true color.
It is safe to use both for you and any type of shoe.
Composed with a mild formula, it does not damage the material and surface of the shoes, which is safe and harmless.
Easy to use
Just apply to the surface and you’re done.
It comes with a squeeze nozzle, which is easy to operate and can be spread evenly without getting your hands dirty. widely used
It can be used to remove yellow, tarnish and dirt from all kinds of shoes, such as casual shoes, sports shoes, casual shoes, boots, etc.
How to use it?
Clean with a cloth the area where it is going to be applied Cover with tape the areas where the gel will not be applied
Apply the gel in the desired area (From 3 to 5 ml)
Let stand for 1 to 3 hours.
Remove the excess with a rag, and voila!
Before application, use tape to cover the area where the whitening gel will not be applied.
If applied by mistake, wipe it off and rinse it with water to prevent discoloration.
Do not mix with other cleaning agents.
One can is enough to whiten 8 to 12 pairs of shoes.
Package includes:
1 x 30 ml Shoe Whitening Gel.

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