Shoe Dryer & Disinfectant


PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient)
Deodorize and dehumidify its immediate area.

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Product Description

Kills all bacteria and eliminates odor by heating
Surrounded by an ABS Flame Retardant shell
LED Self Timer
The Zero Odor Shoe Dryer & Disinfectant is a unique portable household electric disinfection shoe dryer. This new slick design utilizes UV Constant Temperature PTC heating to dry and deodorize its immediate area. It comes in two colors, purple and white. Our premium version contains a LED self-timer.
The shoe dryer is made of ABS UL94 V0 fire-retardant materials. Compression and high-temperature resistance, not easy to burn and deform during use. The product size of the shoe dryer is the size of the palm of your hand. It can be easily stored in suitcases or carry-on bags.



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