Sauce Plating Art Pencil


Create a culinary masterpiece at home easily and effortlessly!
Gorgeous plating art design made easy with this spoon!

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Product Description

Easy Precise Culinary Decorating! ChefValon is designed with a narrow pencil-shaped tip to create smooth, precise lines and patterns easily! The wide spoon at the back holds your sauce steadily for an even and smooth dispensing!
Plating Masterpiece Made Possible At Home! Gorgeous meals aren’t a specialty of high-end restaurants! This small and handy pointy spoon lets you create your gorgeous plating designs at home.
Take Your Dishes To Another Level! Upgrade your dishes to another level with a better food presentation! Treat your eyes and taste bud to an all-around delicious feast!
Premium Safe Materials! Our plating art pencil is created with food-safe premium 304 stainless steel to bring you a sturdy and long-lasting food decoration experience!
(Large) 20*3.7*2.2cm/ 7.9*1.5*0.9″;
(Small) 18*2.6*1.3cm / 7.1*1*0.5″
Weight: (Large)21.5g; (Small) 15.5g
Materials: 403 Stainless Steel
1 Set
1* Large Art Pencil
1* Small Art Pencil
2 Sets(25%OFF)
2* Large Art Pencil
2* Small Art Pencil



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