Eco-Friendly Reusable Baby Swim Diapers that are Washable & Adjustable

Are you tired of wasting money on disposable swim diapers?

Are you looking for an eco-friendly reuseable swim diaper option that lasts longer than 6 months?

Introducing the Reusable Baby Swim Diapers

Waterproof, adjustable, reusable swim diapers that fit any infant between in diaper sizes N through 5 (6-36 lbs; waist 7.75in.-19.5in, legs 5.5in-10in)

Designed to keep solids in the swim diaper and keep others safe from accidents

One-size swim diaper with snaps that adjust around the waist and tummy offering three different sizes of width and length of the reusable swim diaper.

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Product Description

Waterproof outer fabric made from 100% PUL polyester and features cute unisex patterns so your little Beau or Belle can swim in style.

Internal Polyester mesh designed for easy washing and baby comfort.

Whether you’re going on vacation at the beach with your toddler, or going to swim lessons with your new baby, these are the perfect choice for your little swimmers

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