Reusable Panty Liners Set


Reusable liners and pads will keep the most sensitive part of your body safe and feeling fresh. No Leaks. No Rashes. No Sweat.

Each pad will last you, at least, 3 to 5 years, saving you a lot of money
These are great for everyday use, light flow and Light Bladder Leakage
They stay 5x times dryer than disposable pads
The pads will always stay in place
They are gentle on the skin and have no chemicals that harm your body

Easy to Use
Topsy Daisy Reusable Pads are really simple and easy to use. Just place the leak-proof side against the crotch of your underwear and snap the wings underneath, leaving the absorbent side facing up.

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Product Description

Easy to Store Used Ones
When you’re out and about, remove the used pad and fold the Reusable Pads and put in the FREE leak-proof carry bag

Easy to Wash
Simple 4 steps to wash the Reusable Pads:

1. Pre Rinse / Soap in Cold Water

2. Hand / Machine Wash

3. Stretch in 4 directions

4. Air Drying is recommended



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