Removable Piano Key Stickers


Learning the basics of the piano has never been this easy!

Piano Key Stickers aim to help you to remember the chords while you learn it. It is perfect for both young and old who are still beginning to learn how to play the piano!

Easy to peel and remove, these key stickers are perfect for 5x faster memorization. Now, learning a new skill is just as easy as 1-2-3!

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Product Description


MEMORIZE 5X FASTER- Learn how to play the piano 5x better than those who do not use these Piano Key Stickers!

PERFECT FOR ALL AGES- They are perfect for beginners of all ages. Marking the keyboard makes the keys easy to spot and memorize their sounds.

EASY TO PEEL & REMOVE- The stickers are as easy to remove as to stick on, just peel off with your fingers, leaving no marks or residue on the keys.

FRIENDLY DESIGNS- The piano keyboard stickers are suitable for 37 key, 49 key, 61 key and 88 key keyboards or pianos



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