Reflective Light Bulb Magnet Decorations

Made of reflective film and magnetic back. These reflective Christmas bulb magnets seem to light up when the headlights are illuminated.

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Product Description

They shine like real light bulbs in the sun or light. This is a fun way to dress up a car for the holidays. These magnets can stay in the car well in rain, wind and snow or when driving at high speed.
Before pasting, please make sure the surface is clean and dry. Suitable for any metal surface. Suitable for your cars, vehicles, jeeps, trucks, trucks, garage doors, refrigerators, mailboxes, metal desks, metal doors, mini refrigerators, school lockers, school buses, magnetic panels, dishwashers, file cabinets, etc.
Easy to apply, adjust and remove-they can be adjusted and removed without leaving any residue. The holidays are super festive.



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