Reflective All-Weather Waterproof Dog Rain Coat

Don’t let the rain ruin your walks with your dog, our reflective all-weather waterproof dog raincoat will ensure your dog stays dry and comfortable!

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Product Description

Why Choose Our Dog Raincoat:

It is a 100% reflective coat with great functions and details for the dog’s safety. It is a fashionable grey color during the daytime, and at night, it reflects high bright light when the fabric picks up any external light. So, it helps to make the dog more visible and better protected from accidents on the street, especially on a rainy evening. You can attach different velcro emblems on the sleeve side, front chest, it will make your dog look more unique and special.

What Makes Our Dog Raincoat Special:

✔ High Brightness, Safe in the night
✔ Collar or Harness Attachment Opening
✔ Water-, Dirt- & Wind-proof
✔ Snow-Proof & Cold-Repellant
✔ Durable & Breathable



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