RC Drone LED Glowing Ball


Put a huge smile on any boy or girl this holiday season! Be prepared and get this perfect gift for your kids or grandchildren aged 5-18! Guaranteed to be one of the best gifts they get this year!
Whirlwind Flyers™
Bring fun to the entire family with our amazing Whirlwind Flyers™. With its intelligent design and very pleasing display, even adults will find it amusing. It is the best gift idea this coming holidays and for all special occasions. They’re back in stock, but not for long!

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Product Description

BRILLIANT AND BEAUTIFUL – Witness a mesmerizing scene once this toy emits colorful lights upon turning on.
AMUSING – Not just kids, but the whole family can also enjoy playing with this fantastic toy.
APPEALING – Every child and adult will find this Flying UFO Ball visually appealing and relaxing because it is very therapeutic, especially when you’re stressed.
ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY – This toy is made with 100% pure non-toxic materials. Absolutely safe for kids!
A WHOLE NEW EXPERIENCE – Unlike the usual helicopter toys out there, this Flying UFO Ball features a clear glass body that reflects amazing lights when in use.
SMART – This toy is equipped with advanced technology that detects nearby objects; programmed to move away from the surface.
INNOVATIVE – This is not just a simple toy; it is also a stress-reliever.
EASY TO LEARN – This Flying UFO Ball is easy to learn and control, ideal for beginners.
Clear Glass Body
Motion Sensitive
Battery-operated, with Motor and Flashing LED Lights
Hovers up to 15 Feet




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