Quiet Book for Toddlers

Synchronous cultivation of multi-dimensional sense organs, cultivation of hearing, touch, and vision, allowing children to learn happily in games.
Each book with a different theme is suitable for children aged 1-8 Game introduction:
1. Put on the Velcro
2. The card returns and the game is ready to start
3. Open the book to recognize it and see if you post it correctly?
Introduction to playing methods!
Traffic Cognition!
Toddler Busy Book Learning Toys!

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Product Description

This learning binder is a fun, designed collection of educational games for your little ones to play & learn at home or outdoors.
This toddler learning busy book consists of hands-on learning activities for toddlers as well as pre-kids. The busy book includes Various ability enhancements.
The interactive activities in the folder improve critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, analytical skills, and many more.
This is perfect for home school, preschool, kindergarten, or supplemental work.
It offers a fun and interactive learning experience for early learners. Busy books encourage self-soothing and mindfulness. Autism will find much fun in this toddler activity book!
Repeatedly sticking and the matching will improve the kid’s fine motor skills, problem resolving skills, and patience.
Your child will never feel bored and you will be able to drink coffee while your child is playing with a busy book.
Perfect educational toy for toddlers 2+ years old because it brings a lot of pleasure.

☑【 Toddler Activities 】Busy book is a toddler learning toy, designed to improve motor skills, cognitive skills, basic literacy, memorization, identification, and hand-eye coordination (including a kid with autism and kid with speech development delays)

☑【 Simple & Convenient 】 To let kids get preschool learning faster, We provide the best quality toy raw materials, so that children can get a safer playing environment, and let parents worry about it.

☑【 Durable & Safe 】The Busy Book is made of the highest quality safe materials, tear-resistant and water resistant, and handed down from generation to generation. The card edges are rounded to avoid any potential damage.

☑【Great Travel Toy Choice】Storage bag with carrying handle, easy to carry. Perfect for long car trips and airplane rides, toddler travel toys will keep your kids busy and toddler travel activities less boring!

Packing size: 28*20*1.8CM
Number of pages: 10 sides(5 pages)
Weight: 420g
Packing method: boxed
Product Category: Toys
Product material: paper
Style: traffic/animal/number/vegetables and fruits/four-in-one quiet book.


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