Push-In Terminal Block Wire Connector – (1SET) 20 PCS


Easily connect the wires at home
Still, using electrical tapes & unsafe wiring connections..?
Here’s a better way to do electrical wirings with unparalleled convenience and ease!
This Push-In Terminal Block Wire Connector connects wires with a SNAP! Just push in wire & lock to secure! This is your perfect connector for a variety of electrical and even hobby projects for a fast, easy, and reliable wiring connection.

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Product Description

EASY, SAFE, AND SECURE – Be able to connect various electrical components with its simplified process of inter-joining two or more wires that is fast and safe! Quickly make wire-to-wire connections without using plugs or wire soldering that can be time-consuming.
SUPER STRONG CLAMPING – Tough clamping strength, especially helpful when wiring thin stranded wires that are a bane to connect and secure. It also resists vibration and mechanical movement, making it perfect for machine wirings and in automotive applications. Wires cannot be pulled out when it has been snapped and locked in place!
COST-EFFECTIVE – Cost-effective and is highly productive. These wire connectors make home wiring such a breeze! Reduce time by up to 70% with its simplified wiring system!
WIDE APPLICATIONS – Flame retardant industrial-grade plastic shell and copper connectors are perfect for industrial wiring, at home & automotive, and various wiring that involves lights, convenience outlets, appliance, building wiring, junction box wirings, electronic control system, and a lot more.



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