Professional Rivet Gun Adapter Kit

Cordless Drill Electric Rivet Gun Adapter-Professional Riveting Insert Nut Hand Tool Kit with Aluminum Casting Housing and a Non-slip Handle-4pcs Convertible Head and a Wrench
Electric Rivet Nut Gun Cordless Riveting Drill Adapter for Electric Drill Power Tool
Are you still worried about the heavy operation and low efficiency of ordinary rivet guns?
Our Rivet Gunmetal Adapter has lower noise, is more efficient, is small in size and easy to carry, universal drill attachment to easily apply nut rivet Inserts to various materials.

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Product Description

√Durable with a high-hardness aluminum casting housing.
√Comfortable grip and is not tired for long hours of work.
√Alloy steel forged pipe head, durable, labor-saving, and efficient.
√High-strength connecting rod for better matching with a gun drill.
√The handle is made of hard plastic and the surface is non-slip.


1. Adjust the electric drill to the appropriate gear position
2. Open the drill clip, insert the adapter, positive rotation, and clamp the connector.
3. Turn on the reverse rotation function of the drill until you hear the sound of “dadada”, then put the rivet of the appropriate size.
4. Turn on the positive rotation function, align the holes, and insert the rivets.
5. Turn on the reverse rotation function and exit the rivet.

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