Professional Pet Brush

DOG AND CAT BRUSH: Remove felt and brush animal fur at the same time.
Easy to use for a pleasant experience for your dogs and cats.
Be amazed at how much dog hair is shed after just one use!
Your pets will love their shiny, healthy new coat.

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Product Description

– Pain-free use on your pets with the precision-machined steel blade provides gentle yet precise detangling, best for dogs and cats with sensitive skin.
Rounded on the outside but sharp on the inside so animals’ fur won’t be scratched, unlike other pet grooming tools with sharp edges.

A quick brush, in 5 minutes will remove tons of dead undercoats from your furry friend. Ideal for all breeds of pets from medium to long coats.
Solution for thick, long, curly, or rough matted fur that makes it the best gift for animal lovers.


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