Professional Car Bumper Crack Repair Welding Machine Set


Melting the Staple in the Plastic Give it Way
More Support to Keep it Together! Easy to Use!
This welding machine is easy to use for repairing plastic bumpers, motorcycles, lawnmowers, and other thermoplastic plastics, and compared with welding, adhesives, epoxies, etc. The Professional Welding Machine blows them all out of the water!
No training, you can use the staple and have done in a few minutes. The repaired kit is very sturdy as just like new.

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Product Description

Wide Application: Restore your broken parts of car, motorcycle, bicycle, furniture, tool cabinets, or even your kids’ toys!Suitable for repairing bumper, dashboard, lamp holder, plastic ring, radiator, car, and motorcycle plastic device. Strong for shock and twist after repairing.
Comfortable Handle: The rubber handle has a comfortable grip and will not feel tired for a long time holding. Quick and easy operation.
Easy to Use: Various types of nails to meet your different needs. No training required. Learn to use it in seconds.
Material: ABS + stainless steel
Plug: US Plug / EU Plug / UK Plug / AU Plug
Voltage: 220V
Power: 50W
Color: Red
Cable Length: 1.5m
Machine Size: 225*155*40mm
Overheat Protection: Yes
Package Includes
1 * Plastics Welding Machine
50 * Flat Staples
50 * Outside Corner Staples
50 * Inside Corner Staples
50 * Wave Staples
1 * Plier
1 * Utility Knife
1 * Carry Case





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