Plus Size Orthopedic Ankle Boots


lined membrane for breathability
Gel insert to the heel for cushioning and shock absorption
Integrated molded shank for balance and stability
Anti-slip Duratread outsole for support and traction on all surfaces.

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Product Description

This boot is our classic fit
Product information
Studied to support the bottom of the feet, the heel, and the arch of the foot.
Reinforced flexibility for adaptation to the natural shape of the foot.
Comfort + soles flexible, light, non-slip, and insulating: prevents trips and retains body heat.
No protruding seam on the inside: no risk of injury or damage to the skin.
Heel type: 3 cm.
Double protection with heat preservation effect.
With the new Orthopedia Confort + collection, feeling beautiful and elegant while wearing comfortable shoes is finally possible. The experts at the English Academy of Podiatry are UNANIMOUS, the footwear industry produces shoes that are unsuitable. Renowned Cambridge practitioner Dr, Alain Goldrey stresses the urgent need to stop wearing shoes that are too narrow for the feet.
The shoes developed by mass retailers do not adapt to the natural shape of the feet, they do not provide specific support points and they do not insulate your feet from the cold . It is only a matter of time before the first consequences appear: sore feet, sore knees, back pain
The solution would therefore be to use wraparound-type shoes that promote thermogenesis. The tricky point is that in addition to being often very unattractive, to acquire wraparound shoes that demonstrate a minimum of quality, you have to spend up to 5x the budget of a traditional pair . Due to its unique appearance at strategic points of support, this shoe spares the hazards of classic shoes, such as rheumatism, sprains, humidity, and cold. The production of heat in the feet facilitates blood circulation, which prevents swelling. Boots designed inflexible and quality materials will allow you to wear shoes that match the specific shape of the feet, and not the other way around! With these Boots, the feet and ankles will feel accompanied in their daily movements. This pair will put an end to the feeling of tired and sore feet.



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