Pinhole Glasses


Advantages of using pinhole glasses:
Helps to see clearly at small and large distances;
Eliminates stress and tension caused by glasses;
Prevents myopia, presbyopia, and progressive astigmatism;
Eliminates addiction to glasses;

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Product Description

Activates the natural visual ability to see clearly;
Promotes good eyesight habits;
Helps to improve vision naturally;
Pinholes glasses can help you regain your sight in a short time. To get the best results, you need to follow the program step by step;
People with normal eyesight can wear them preventively for 15 minutes every 2-3 days.
It is recommended that people with poor focus gradually adjust to the still unusual exercises, so the time of use at the beginning should be 15 minutes and can be increased later.
For the complete application of the eye muscles, it is recommended to use the glasses both for distance vision (in the open space) and for near vision (in closed spaces), for example when reading. In closed spaces, there may be a need to increase the light intensity because dark plastic decreases the light intensity.
Pinhole glasses can be used while watching TV programs, reading, computer tasks.







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