Physiotherapy Hot Compress Knee Massager


KNEE HEALTH CARE SOLUTION – This multi-functional knee massager is designed to relieve soreness, discomfort for anyone suffering from any type of knee issue. The built-in airbag kneading equipment, multi-frequency vibration, and heating pads which with an adjustable temperature between 115℉ to 130℉ degrees are designed to ease stiffness and circulation, with an automatic shut-off function for safety.

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Product Description

POWERFUL FUNCTIONALITY – This knee pain massager offers 5 functions and 3 levels for heating, vibration, and intensity each, which can be used separately or in any combination. For example, soothing heat and gentle vibration are ideal for relieving pains by delivering heat directly to the joints for improving circulation which helps the tissue to recover more quickly.
A COMPREHENSIVE MASSAGER – This delicate wearable knee massager is not only an ideal solution for your knees but can be also applied to your other parts like elbows or shoulders. In addition, more attention is needed in your daily life to the protection of the knee joint. With this knee massager twice a day, once 15-30 minutes, away from knee pain issues.
SMART AND BIG OPERATION SCREEN – A large control panel that allows you to switch the heat and vibration settings separately, also the intensity levels during your use, thereby fine-tuning your massage experience. The heating and massage modes can either be used independently or concurrently, which is another thoughtful idea.
USB RECHARGEABLE KNEE MASSAGER – With the 2600mAh USB rechargeable battery (USB cable included), this knee massage machine is perfectly suitable and portable for traveling and it’s safer. On the other hand, the simple and delicate looking and the adjustable strap provide a full and secure wrap that fits around your knee.



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