Pet Soft Fleece Blanket


The Comfiest Bed for Your Beloved Pet! Don’t let your purr-creature miss out on the best sleep imaginable 💕

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Product Description

HeroKitten® Soft Fleece Blanket is available in SEVEN different designs to match your home aesthetic!
COMFORTABLE AND WARM: This blanket comes in two different sizes and can be put on the sofa, bed, or any place you want to keep clean.
A SAFE SPACE: Your pet deserves their own space, where they can peacefully sleep and feel comfortable whenever they need to. This natural feeling of comfort and safety can drastically reduce anxiety.
DURABLE: HeroKitten® Soft Fleece Blanket has a non-slip backing, is durable and reliable for long-term use.
EASY MAINTENANCE: HeroKitten® Soft Fleece Blanket is safe to wash and dry.



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