Pet Art Sculpture

‘ You are not just a PET, You are my SANITY. You are my SUNSHINE.
You are my TEACHER. You are my THERAPIST…and my HAPPINESS.”

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Product Description

🐶A pet brings joy, exuberance, and a bit of chaos into the household at first, then mellows over time to become a companion, a playmate, a confidante; always happy to see us, never tiring of our presence.
We have family, lovers, and friends, but for pets, we are everything.
This Hand Carving Art Sculpture always reminds us that it is time to accompany our pets and embrace our Happiness.
Can be used as an Exquisite Gift to dog lovers or cat lovers.

Product Details
Materials: Resin
Size: 15*4*4 cm / 6*1.6*1.6 inches



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