Pest Buster


Annoyed by insects like flies? Turn annoyance into fun!
Rid your house of pesky flies and other pests and have a blast while doing it!

The flies in your kitchen are far from clean and they could still give you food poisoning.they can also carry various diseases.

Finding flies, mosquitoes or other flying insects annoyingly and disgustingly sticking around in your house? No worries!

An inexpensive, convenient, and potentially fun solution is a salt gun!

This powerful gun is designed to kill those annoying insects with your regular table salt. It only takes a pinch of salt, a red LED light to focus and aim, and pull the trigger for the kill!

No matter it is in critical areas like the corner of your room or on top of your food, you won’t hurt anything except those annoying bugs. Get one now and experience a non-toxic and fun way of bugs-killing!

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Product Description

🔫No batteries needed; it’s air-powered

🔫Shoot like a pro with its red LED light to focus and aim for a better aim

🔫No messy kill because the insect stays intact

🔫Safe for kids and pets with its non-toxic salt(Attention:It didn’t break the skin, but it stung )

Even if you go on full fight-mode and kill multiple flies around the house, your pets or family members will still be safe since it’s only salt that we’re talking about.

🔫Stand your ground against fly-born illness and roadkill germs. A-salt those flying typhoid vectors!
🔫Excellent for ridding flies on windows, walls, ceilings, and in corners.
🔫Excellent for bugs on ceilings and in corners
🔫Awesome non-slip hand grip


Lift LOADER CAP and pour in ordinary granulated table salt (Holds about 50 shots).
SLIDE COCKING HANDLE towards you and push away towards barrel of gun. This action will activate AUTO-SAFETY and POP-UP SIGHT will appear, indicating gun is ready to fire!
Release AUTO-SAFETY by clicking towards you.
Aim at target and fire!(It’s completely air-powered, and requires no batteries to use.)

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