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We have the top of the line quality and materials that we produce through our products. Our Paraffin Hand and Foot Bath were developed in top grade material.


Can Help Treat Arthritis

Can Help Treat Fibromyalgia

Acts as A Thermotherapy

And Most Importantly, It Acts as A Relaxant!

As seen in the image above, these can be applied to your hands or feet.

SKU: Hand-And-Foot-Bath

Product Description


Paraffin Wax Hand Bath

Treat Yourself With a Relaxing Wax Hand Bath, But Most Importantly,Take Advantage of The Benefits of Using This Product, Which Can Help With The Following…Treating Arthritis Treating Fibromyalgia Acting as A ThermotherapyIf You Are Interested and Would Like To Purchase Your Own, Click Here… 👉 https://whizshopping.com/products/parraffin-bath

Posted by Whiz Shopping on Monday, February 10, 2020

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