Outdoor Solar Wall Lamp

Solar Power☀ Save Electricity Costs?
Smart Motion Sensor
?‍♀ Environmental Protection? Super Bright?
⭐Perfect addition to gardens, homes, garages, patios, and more?

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Product Description

Super Bright & Long time lighting: 3.2V/3W output power, tungsten filament warm yellow lighting, it is equipped with 1800mAh battery, Charging 6-8 hours can be 8-12 hours of lighting, fully sufficient for daily use. undefined

Smart Motion Sensor: The solar wall light has a built-in intelligent motion sensor that sensitively detects motion within a 120° angle of 8 meters. Press the on/off to switch 3 different modes: [1]When motion is detected, the wall light will turn on to 100% and will be off after the movement leaves for 15. [2] When motion is detected, it will turn on to 100%, the solar wall light will change to 50% brightness after the movement leaves for 15 seconds. [3] Always keep 50% low brightness mode all night. undefined

Auto ON/OFF Sensor: The outdoor solar wall light has a sensitive dusk-to-dawn sensor that sensitively detects the brightness of the surrounding environment and automatically turns off at dawn and on at dusk. The Solar Dusk-to-Dawn Wall Light will keep working for up to 12 hours after being fully charged during the day. Note: The switch should be turned ON before the first use. undefined

Weather Resistant: The outdoor solar wall light has a simple yet durable design and is made of high-quality eco-friendly plastic material, this solar LED wall light is waterproof and can withstand rain, snow, or other extreme weather conditions and is guaranteed to withstand inclement weather. undefined



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