Natural Silvervine Stick Cat Chew Toy-2pcs

Not only polish teeth but also help clean cat teeth.

(The berry part is gall fruit (fruit of silvervine) which is edible for cats, no worries.)

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Product Description

Kills 98.99% of oral bacteria. Natural Silvervine Stick quickly eliminates bad breath, removes plaque and tartar, and heals inflamed gums and periodontitis. 100% natural and safe ingredients with a pet-friendly flavor.

Safe Cat Toys- 100% Natural Silvervine Stick
Helps relieve pain, prevents bacterial growth, inhibits inflammation, relaxes muscles, and can be a great relief for toothache and tooth sensitivity. These substances are not only 100% safe for cats.

Especially perfect for the infant cat which loves to bite things.

Fits All Pets
It can effectively relieve pet anxiety without your company!



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