Natural Catnip Rotating Interactive Cat Toy

This catnip ball has thick stickers on the bottom and can be firmly stuck everywhere, such as on walls, chair foot, floor, etc, then it can prevent loss. And it is rotatable for your cat to play with it, have fun and be healthy.

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Product Description

😻 Exhausting The Hairball Catnip can make the fluff adhere to the digestive tract, help the cat to spit out impurities such as hair in the digestive tract, and achieve gastrointestinal health.
😻 Increase Appetite Catnip contains chlorophyll that cats can’t synthesize. When cats need it, they will take the initiative to relieve mild stomach discomfort, supplement vitamin C, and increase appetite.
😻 Regulating Emotions The chemicals released by catnip can stimulate the cat’s pheromones, causing the cat to hallucinate, become excited, and be more intimate with the owner.

Material: catnip, ABS, PS
Color: Blue, Pink, Green
Shelf life: Eighteen months
Product weight:35g


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