Nano Gun Steamer


Liquid type: Nano electric spray gun can use distilled water and pure weak corrosive disinfectant (pure quaternary ammonium salt solution, alcohol (not recommended, mist is flammable!), hypochlorous acid, etc.), so no mixed liquid will be used! Large-capacity boiler can adjust the control time according to the amount of mist!

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Product Description

Working method: Load the liquid, connect the power supply, press the red button, wait about 40 seconds for the machine to warm up, and the green indicator light will light up and the gun can start emitting nano-scale negative ion vapor. The steam temperature gradually decreases with the spray distance!

Using distilled water blue light spray can also achieve the function of hair care! Promote hair root absorption of nutrients and water! High-quality nano-nozzle, PA material, can withstand high temperature, rapid atomization, the device emits a lot of nano-spray! Smart body porous heat dissipation design, quickly dissipate heat, longer service life!



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