EAT OR WORK IN YOUR CAR, THE COMFORTABLE WAY! Did you know that the average time for the lunch break is only 30 minutes?

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Product Description

For many people, eating in their car is the most convenient way because they don’t have so much time. So why not making this lunch break as comfortable as it should be?

This innovative Multifunction Car Wheel Desk will make your life so much easier and will allow you to eat or work in your car in the most effective and comfortable way. Here’s why…

✅ TOP QUALITY – We provide you with the sturdiest and most durable long lasting car tray. It is constructed with cup holders and a flat surface with multipurpose. This car tray takes up so little space! It’s very light to carry, but sturdy enough to support a laptop, lunch, notepad.

✅ PORTABLE – It’s the most convenient and practical tray. Perfect for a quick snack, breakfast tray, kids meals, coffee holder and more. Plus it can easily hold your laptop tablet.

✅ MULTIFUNCTIONAL – You can use it as a lunch tray, item organizer, laptop holder or any other functions that you can think of.

✅ HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – For the drivers who are always traveling with their car or truck and would want to keep their vehicle organized, clean and comfortable. It’s a perfect thing to give as a gift.

✅ EASY TO INSTALL – You just have to hook it on your steering wheel then you will get an instant ergonomic desk. The desk can be intended to mount on the steering wheel in seconds and can be stowed while not in use. The lightweight construction makes it easy to store in the back seat pocket.


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