With nice weather and exotic vacations here, mosquitoes usually go hand in hand. There is no way to escape them and they can be quite annoying. Well, thanks to this Bite Reliever, you can forget about itching or other skin irritations caused by mosquito bites.

This bite reliever doesn’t have any chemicals and it is totally user-friendly. It is suitable for all ages. Combination of heat and vibration will deteriorate saliva protein and reduce skin irritation, itching or other inflammations.

Once you put in the battery, your reliever is ready to go. Place the tip of the pen on the bite, press and hold for about 10 seconds. The relief is instant and it can be used on bites caused by a variety of insects!

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Product Description


Color: Black

Dimensions: 16.3×3.5×2.5 centimeters

Suitable for: All ages

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