Mirror Metallic Nail Gel-3pcs


Throw away your ‘Mirror Powder’! Our Mirror Metallic Nail Gel won’t be as non-sticky or unappealing as the “Magic Mirror Powder”.
In contrast, our Mirror Metallic Nail Gel applies in just one stroke, doesn’t come off easily and is easy to contour. Easy to use even for nail art beginners!

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Product Description

Main Features
Do not worry about using “magic mirror powder” anymore! Instead, use this metallic paint glue to easily draw lines and create the perfect mirror and dimension effect.
High-Grade Metallic Texture
Full-bodied, single-stroke color has a premium metallic feel that creates a vintage punk texture.
Versatile Nail Glue
A versatile nail glue that instantly spices up the look. It is suitable for nail art/outlining/chain decoration, flowing lines, circles, flowers, outlining, star points can be done easily.
Fine Brush Strokes
You can also buy it with our Double-Ended Fine Nail Art Pen! Double-ended design to meet different needs, painting flowers, drawing lines, and smudging in one pen.
Fine brush strokes, very fine nib, easy to clean, and easy to outline.
LED Nail Art Phototherapy Lamp
Drying and curing under the LED nail lamp will make your nails dry faster and use it anytime, anywhere.
Skin test before use.
Press the ON/OFF button of the nail machine once for 45 seconds to cure, long press for 1-2 seconds for 60 seconds.



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