Mini Folding Rubber Band Gun Toy Keychain


Made from solid high-quality hard metal, this beauty semi-automatically fires 6 bands and reloads faster than any other rubber band gun on the market. Comes with 100 bands. Tight. Accurate. Iconic. You’re Welcome!

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Product Description

Instead of pulling rubber bands, simply tap the trigger of this pistol to shoot bands. This toy holds up to 6 ammunitions for rapid-fire action. PLUS the realistic clacking sound of the gears elevates the shooting experience.
REALISTIC CLACKING SOUND – Sounds like the real deal! Its gear releases a crisp, clacking sound every time it turns for a fascinating shooting experience.
PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT – Right by your side when you want to shoot bands! Attach this teeny gun to keys through its ring to use as a keychain. Or you can fold it to fit easily in your pockets.
KICKASS DESIGN – A rubber band slingshot with a twist! Modeled from a real gun, you can simply tap the trigger of this pistol to shoot bands — easier and more fun than traditional slingshots.
LOCK & LOADED – This gun can hold up to 6 ammunitions at the same time for a breathtaking, rapid-fire action. To reload ammo, stretch the bands wide then hang them into the gear’s teeth.
SOLID BUILD – Built for intense action! This pistol is plated with zinc alloy that can withstand extreme temperature and corrosion — ideal for any environment.
Product Description:
Material: zinc alloy(stainless)
Size: As picture shown
Weight: 108g
Item usage: accessories collection, children’s birthday gift, toy pistol
Packaging List:
Rubber band gun*1
Rubber band*1 pack
Mini Target*1
Warning: Don’t swallow rubber bands!



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