Metallic Watercolor Painting Set

Ultra colorful pigment has an optimum consistency for mixing and blending. The pigments in this paint pallet have been carefully crafted to give a glitter and shimmer finish whether used on white or black watercolor paper.

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Product Description

Our Galaxy Metallic Watercolor Painting Set features different elegant colors.
These watercolors are highly pigmented and shimmer in color.
Fun to use especially for painting, calligraphy, and card making.
High-quality watercolor paint guarantees rich glitter pigment and natural diffusion in water.
They have dazzling metallic shades and high saturation and are easy to blend with normal watercolor paints, which can meet the different needs of artists.
Top quality watercolor to paint and mix pigments smoothly & effortlessly.
Easy to use & mess-free. Dry fast to set quickly for easy handling.
Fade-resistant even with sun exposure.

Material: Gum Arabic and OX Grall
Colors: 36 Colors
1 x Galaxy Metallic Watercolor Painting Set (36 Colors)

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