Metal Universal Welding Wire 20PCS


Solution Welding Flux-Cored Rods
High quality
Makes a sound joint with slight penetration to base metal that is stronger than mild steel. Join thick or thin parts with a 45,000 lb tensile strength.
Simple to use
No professional experience required. Anyone can weld aluminum. All you need is a simple propane torch and some easy welding rods.

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Product Description

Step 1: Clean and polish the physical surface.
Step 2: Heat the surface of the base material, until the temperature of the wire to the operating temperature of 380℃~400℃, so you can rely on the parent metal heat transfer welding wire to form welds, should not use the flame to burn wire, When the surface temperature of the base metal is sufficient, the wire can flow well and penetrate into the metal capillary.
Step 3: When repairing thin aluminum, as long as the aluminum base metal heated to the appropriate working temperature, and then use the wire back and forth friction melting to form a weld, only with a metal brush melt welding wire to weld at the weld.
Step 4: Use propane gas to weld a small object, use industrial gas or induction heating device to heat and weld big object, natural slow cooling after welding.
wide applications
Solution Welding Rods are engineered to easily flow under a very low working temperature,you can apply them for electric power, chemistry, food using and so on.





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