Measuring Tape Clip


WHY there wasn’t a solution that would take the measuring work out of getting an accurate reading with a tape measure that’s working around a curve📏.
Our Product Lets You Do Just That!!!
🏠🏠🏠Takes the guesswork out of measuring corners and curved surfaces.

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Product Description

This tape measuring tool helps you get an accurate reading in curves, corners, and hard-to-see spots.
It’s as easy to use as it is accurate—just clamp it onto a tape measure and take the guesswork out of your task.
Cost-effective Alternative To Laser Measurers.
It fits onto most tape measures and does the job quickly and easily—without the fuss (or cost) of using a laser measure.
Clamp it on and slide it into position to get a true reading and to help ensure a perfect finish to your task.
Width of tape measure clamp
Support the maximum width of tape measure up to 25 mm(1 inch).
Product Specifications
Material:Stainless Steel
Size :65 mm/2.5 inches
Weight:0.12 lb
Package:Measuring Tape Clip x 1



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