Magnetic No-Tie Shoelaces


No Tying Is Needed And Secure Your Shoes In Just Seconds
Isn’t it frustrating and stressful having to untie and tie your shoelaces when you’re in a hurry?
If you’ve been in such a situation way too many times, these Magnetic No-Tie Shoelaces are exactly what you need to make your morning and daily life run smoother!
This product will allow you to wear and fasten as well as unfasten your sneakers with just a snap! The shoelace clips are the perfect solution for kids, elderly people, as well as disabled people, and they’re guaranteed to make their daily life safer and easier.
Don’t Worry, The Special Design And Powerful Magnets Of Our No Tie Shoelaces Are Very Sturdy!
In fact, these no-tie shoelaces will NOT open when you walk, run, jump, work out, cycle, and hike.
Thanks to their innovative notch design and their powerful magnet, these lazy shoelaces will stay fastened, no matter what you do!

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Product Description

Never Tie Your Shoelace Again:
Magnetic No-Tie Shoelaces lacing solution is quite simply the fastest and easiest way to get in and out of your own shoes; No tying, no knots, no squeezing, no laces coming undone, no sloppy bows; Use them over and over on your shoes.
High-Quality Magnets:
With its Magnetic Array technology making them far superior. You can run, jump, or play sports without losing the fasten.
Unique Design:
With its classy design, it will make your shoes look tidier.
Easiest No tie Solution:
When the magnets are separated it’s as if you have no shoelaces at all, so you can easily slide into a wide-open shoe; Then, just pull the magnets together and that’s it.
Long-Lasting Use:
Unlike other no tie shoelaces, the closures are very durable and can be used over and over again which makes them the best solution and the best value.
Material: High-quality metal buckle + Elastic shoelaces
Metal Buckle Color: Gold / Silver / Black
Shoelaces Color: White / Black / Navy Blue / Brown / Coffee / Army Green / Wine Red / Pink / Orange / Yellow
Package Includes:
1 x Magnetic No-Tie Shoelaces





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