Magic Stretch Bag

♻️ To protect the natural environment, we advocate the use of green and reusable shopping bags.
😍 Large capacity design, one shopping bag can easily cope with all the storage needs.

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Product Description

【Large Capacity Design】 The increased capacity design makes it easy to handle all storage needs with one bag of shopping. The material is soft and will not cause damage to the shoulders.
【Environmental Protection Fabrics】 The choice of environmentally friendly fabrics, no odor, no harm, to bring your family maximum safety.
【Portable And Foldable】 Easily foldable for carrying around. Easily stored in your pocket or purse to save space. Reusable bags can reduce environmental pollution.
【Super load-bearing】 Chiffon material with high density and strong weight-bearing. High load-bearing capacity, holds 5-10kg, and can be freely stretched.

1 * Magic stretch bag pleated bag

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