Magic Car Cleaning Clay Sponge

★ Have you ever wondered why the premium car wash result is as smooth as glass? This is the secret! is a magical and mysterious process that only professional detailers use. your vehicle is actually quite easy and doing it a couple of times per year will help maintain a smooth, clean finish. The regular clay bar in the past provides you with 1-2 times usage only, but the new Magic clay sponge serves you up to 15-20 times, and the result is even better compared to the clay bar
★ This the investment you want to try to get a perfectly smooth, detailed finishing car look! By rubbing the detailing clay across the surface of the vehicles, it will actually trap these particles and contaminants leaving a fresh, smooth finish. Not only does claying prevent potential damage from some of these corrosive materials, but it also provides a smooth surface that allows your sealant or wax to adhere better

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Product Description

★ Clean and wash your car to remove loose dirt. Dry your car with a clean towel. Start claying from panel to panel, before you start, apply desired or preferred detailing solution to ease the claying process. Check for any parts that you might’ve left out. Feel the paint, proper claying should leave the paint surface smooth and glossy

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