Lotus Ring with Heart Sutra


Attract Kindness & Empathy To Your Life

Want the world around you to be a better place? Wear this beautiful ring with a Lotus on it to remind you that – while rooted in the mud, its flowers blossom above the muddy water. Protect yourself and change energies flowing towards you and from you.

This ring with The Powerful Words of The Buddhist Heart Sutra engraved on its inside is handmade and blessed by Tibetan Buddhist Monks.

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Product Description

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☑️ FIND CALM – Helps to find calm and peace within without grasping at anything external

☑️ ATTRACT LUCK & KINDNESS – Wearing the heart sutra helps to attract luck, kindness, and generosity

☑️ ATTRACT WISDOM – The sacred text of the heart sutra helps to make the right decisions to materialize your wishes

A ring as beautiful as it is powerful

☑️ Designed, handmade & blessed by Tibetan Buddhist Monks.

☑️ Adjustable Size – US 8 – 13

☑️ Solid 999 Sterling Silver – Nickel Free – 100% Allergy Safe

The Magic of The Heart Sutra (engraved inside the ring):

The ancient text of the Heart Sutra focuses on seeing things as they really are. By seeing the interdependence of all things we can come to the realization that their actual value and definition is not residing within them but is given to them by the viewer. As a result ignorance – the seed of samsara and suffering can be completely eliminated from our minds.

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