Lip Gloss Moisturizing Glass Lips Makeup

Flash Moment Lip Gloss adds rich moisture to lips, either on top of Lip Color, or on bare lips. Transparent lip glaze also helps to seal in Lip Color and improve the longevity of the color.

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Product Description

Product Features

●Moist Bright: lightsome sense of water, moisture, moist and bright

●Carry Bright Lip Color: effective moisturizing ingredients, lasting moisture

●Modified Lip Lines: refreshed and fit, makeup lasting color, beautify the contour Healthy Ingredients

♥Vitamin E: protect body cells from free radicals, improve lipid metabolism

♥Argan oil: glycosides nut oil contains a lot of fatty acids, alcohol, vitamin E and phenolic compounds, have moist effect

DIY design: choose the color you like, put it into the bottle and mix it evenly, and a unique lipstick number is completed!

Don’t worry about not being satisfied with the lipstick color anymore, just make whatever color you want Number!



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